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Zana Juppenlatz BSc Hons, CPE/GDL, MPhil, MA


Zana is a painter and a sculptor of the natural world, based on a lifelong love of animals and the landscape and on her training and experience in landscape design, illustration and ecology. She now concentrates on capturing the character of animals and birds  through design.

Half-Australian, half-Welsh, Zana was born in Cyprus and lived and travelled in Australia, the Far East, Brazil, Africa and Europe. She resumed her painting career in the North East, having tried to “do her bit” for the environment, including work for David Bellamy, RSPB & Conservation International, working in environmental consultancy and law.


Zana spent longer drawing and painting than a conventional education would probably allow, having been educated mainly at home, where she benefited from an early artistic training from her father.


Influences on her work include JMW Turner and the Scottish Naturalists, particularly Arthur Melville and the honorary Northumbrian ‘Glasgow Boy’ and wildlife artist Joseph Crawhall.

She is a partner in the Bamburgh Gallery and has shown at galleries including The Mall Galleries, London, ArtWorks in Alnwick, The White Fox Gallery (previously the Coldstream Gallery), The Chatton Gallery, Queen’s Hall in Hexham and the Drokje Gallery in The Netherlands.

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